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Biohazard Bags

Strong & Secure Biohazard Bags

Securely contain hazardous contents in our bright red biohazard bags with a clear warning identification.


Linear Low Density Biohazard Bags


High Density Biohazard Bags


MedBag’s has two different options available:


Both types of biohazard bags have:

  • Extra Strength. Star sealed bottom construction for durable extra strength that eliminates breaks.
  • Red Color & Symbol. Warn of hazardous contents with bold Biohazard symbol and precautions in both English and Spanish.



  • Meet Regulations. Low density red infectious waste liners meet federal and state regulations for tear resistance and impact resistance.
  • Can Handle Large Capacity. High density biohazard bags are designed to hold up to 15, 33, or 44 gallons of infectious waste and refuse.
  • Are Cost Efficient and Flexible. Biohazard bags are available in bulk with custom options for large orders, plus free shipping on orders over $250.


Biohazard Bags for Healthcare or Commercial Use

MedBag’s Biohazard Bags are perfect for use in:

  • Healthcare Settings: Hospitals, Exam Rooms, Clinics, and more.
  • Tattoo and Beauty. Tattoo parlors, beauty and hair salons, manicure and pedicure spas.
  • Many more.


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